Individuals - How we can help you today

Personal Tax Returns

We can complete your Personal Tax Returns for you and submit them to HMRC.

We are also experts in non-domicile and non-resident returns.

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Inheritance Tax and Trusts

We are licensed for probate under ICAEW and we have experience of the taxation of and accounting for Trusts in the UK.

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HMRC Investigations

Tax Investigations can be worrying if you don’t know what to expect.

We have experience with them so if it happens to you then we can help.

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Foreign Income and Assets

Living and working in foreign countries can make your taxes more complex, but we can help you with everything; from establishing residence and domicile status, to ensuring compliance on reporting and resolving non-disclosure issues.

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Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax is due when you dispose of certain assets that have gained in value.

We can help you with reporting the sale of freehold and leasehold properties in the UK within 30 days, as is required by HMRC.

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Residential Letting Properties

You may be one of a growing band of accidental landlords or you might have a portfolio of residential letting properties.

We are here to help you identify the best solution for you for holding and accounting for those properties.

Helping you to pay less tax and comply with the increasing regulation around accounting for these properties.

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Business Planning and Advice

We give business planning advice too. Our business advisors are able to recommend solutions to your problems, ranging from day to day bookkeeping chores, to growing your business as well as the bigger picture financial planning for you and your family.

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Self Employed

No one wants to pay too much tax. For that reason, we can help you optimise deductions while staying within the rules.

We will also advise you on when you should be forming a limited company and review your pension provision to help you retire when you want to.

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Independent Financial Advice

We will undertake a comprehensive review of your investments and financial products and advise you on appropriate products and services.

We are authorised to give Independent Financial Advice under Beacon Private Trust, an FCA registered associated business.